Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good News

After taking the month of April off to pack the house, getting ready for storage while we spend two months with a cousin in AZ because my darn health insurance will not follow me if we move. In July I am eligible for early medicare due to the Cancer disability so must remain here until then. Had a PET scan and woo hoo, only two tumors on the liver showed a little growth , most shrunk or remained stable with no cancer cells anywhere else and my labs were A+ as usual. I am delighted and told my oncologist I plan on beating the odds and hanging around awhile. :) Am really tired of packing but almost done. Hubby cas COPD and a fractured disk so he has been no help physically and I am working my tail off. They say exercise is good for  me, so I guess I am right on track. Thank you all for constant prayers, they pay off and I am ever so grateful. Now to re-up chemo in May, trip up north to find a home (again) and then move the end of June or First of July. I want this over, I want to settle  in, I want to end the push to do so much in so little time. With His strength and guidance, I can do this. Praise be to God for watching over me, giving  me guardian angels to help me through the never ending challenges. Be well my friends and only seek Positive Pursuits. :)


  1. Hey...just dropping a line. Haven't heard from you since your move. I hope all is well. Love you.

  2. With great sadness my mom lost her battle with cancer 11-21-12. She believed in positive thoughts and was able to beat the odds, considering her prognosis. Our loss is great as she was loved by so many, everyone was family to her. A shining light has joined heaven!